60x36 Santa Marie Grill on trailer has 14 inch tires, tail lights, safety chains and jack with 2 inch ball coupler. $2200.00 plus tax.

Round Santa Marie grill. 30 in. Made of 1/4 inch steel.

Weight 300 lbs

$500.00 plus tax

72x26 Reverse flow two slide out trays,

has rib box, 24x36 Santa Mari Grill on the side. $4100.00 plus tax


It is a reverse flow. Has two cooking trays that

pulls out. Two temperature

gauges, fire box 24x24x21 1/4 with charcoal basket ,led tail lights, 2 inch ball, Jack,

safety chain, 3500 lb axle, 15 inch tires, trailer is made of 2x3 tubing, 11 gauge. Warming box has three trays $3575.00 plus sales tax.

48x26 reverse flow patio with rib box

two slide out trays in main chamber

fire box 24x24x21x1/4. $1950.00

48x26 patio reverse flow with rib box on trailer has 1 1/2 drain valve, locks on all doors greaseable hinges, temperature gauge, 2 inch ball, LED lights. $ 2900.00 plus tax.

Reverse flow 48x26 Patio with rib box, fire

box is 24x22x1/4, charcoal basket,

and Santa Maria 24x36 on side on trailer.

has 1 1/2 drain valve, locks on all doors

greaseable hinges,  temperature gauge,

2 inch ball, LED lights, 15 inch tires.

$3300.00 plus tax.

48 x26 patio reverse flow with two slide out trays made of 1/4 inch steel new rolled plate 1 1/2 inch drain valve $1650.00 plus tax.

Reverse flow smoker.

Will hold around 40 pork butts.

108x30 doors are 42" wide.

bottom tray 42x29

top tray 42x24

fire box 26x26x24 $4300.00 plus tax. 

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